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This page features questions and answers about keyboards, this website, and other topics. This information is for people who are new to mechanical keyboards, and have questions. Many of the answers for these questions do not need detailed specific answers like you will find in the rest of this website, so a simple list is compiled here.

This will be a living document, that is I expect it to change over time as new questions are asked that can be answered here.

For more detailed information about me and the website see also the About page.

What is this site about?

This website is about keyboards, mechanical computer keyboards to be more precise.

There are a lot of reasons for talking about mechanical computer keyboards. Many people have to use a computer every day, and while most people are content to use the keyboard that came with there computer some people aren’t. This is a website for people that are looking for something more from their keyboard.

Not really. Quite some time back (before the 1990’s) keyboards were better engineered. They were designed to be usable for years, even decades. Keyboards today are design to last a year or two before being replaced, and that can be quite annoying. If you’ve ever had to shop for a keyboard you probably know how frustrating it can be.

This is site will hopefully take some of the confusion and frustration out of finding a keyboard that suits you.

They can be. In fact, you can pay anywhere from around $25 USD to over $3,000 USD for a (in some cases very custom) mechanical keyboard.

As with anything the quality of materials, workmanship and features are generally (but not always) reflected in the price. The highest priced keyboards tend to be one-off keyboards that are specifically built for specific people. While the lowest priced keyboards are typically imported devices made with lower quality materials.

One of the points of this website is to find good keyboards at price points that fit within a user’s budget. For example, the keyboard I am using right now costs around $200-$250 USD. However, I know that most people don’t want to spend that much money for a keyboard, so I’ve found eight more keyboards that range from $35 up to $150. Hopefully with that wide of a range of prices there will be something that will fit your budget.