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Before you jump to the email form, how about considering some other options? We are available via several different platforms:

The entries in bold face are the ones I use most often, the others I tend to go to from time to time. I prefer being contacted via the above sites as it helps me to keep my inbox un-cluttered (I started actively archiving emails at the beginning of this year, and in the first 6 weeks, I’ve archived 1265 emails….so yeah, it’s easy to lose emails when you deal with around 270 messages a week).

However, there are definitely times to contact me via the form below: for example if there is a problem with the website, there is a piece of content that appears to be questionable, there is anything that potentially violates your privacy that isn’t covered by our Privacy Policy, etc. The best use ever is if you are going to offer me $1,000,000 to do some promotional/sponsored content for you.

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